When I lent my services to a collegue who was working on a film about 12 years ago, I was introduced to the world of cnc. I remember watching this huge machining centre milling out a slab of mdf and turning it into a fantastic set of gears. I knew that it would have taken me hours to achieve the same thing with traditional power tools. I decided then that I would invest in a cnc router for my own business Oxenham Design. At that time I could turn on a computer, but even to check email seemed like a crazy set of operations. I persevered and learned every piece of relevant software I could get my hands on. I am now fortunate enough to be using Vectric's ASPIRE software, and Techno cnc routers, which has helped us to create some amazing projects, both in part, or in full. I thought that this blog would be a great place to share "behind the scenes" adventures with the software, materials and equipment we use, as well as the projects we build.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Just The Two of Us..................

My Techno and me, we're the best friends that could be............(sung as an 80's tv commercial)!
Both busts were cut from a single sheet of 2" HDU! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't toolpathed it myself! I thought for sure we would have been 1.25 sheets, but I totally lucked out on the layouts
The busts are actually mirror images of each other, facing slightly towards one another. I saved a lot of time by just slicing the one model, then mirroring every piece in Aspire.

The face, then the head were the first parts of the Techno, and I glued them up as I waited for the others to slowly churn out.
It took a full day for us to machine, and assemble the pieces into the two final busts. This also included addressing any of the seams that needed work as well!
The last piece left was the 2 bases that the busts would sit on. These were totally modeled in Aspire, using just the 2 rail sweep feature. Super fast, super easy!
I didn't want to have to miter the corners on the at all. So instead I cut the profile into the front and back pieces, and cut the sides as straight cuts.
In the end, it all came together with very little trouble! Plus, I didn't have to deal with mitering them on the saw!

We were pretty stoked about how they turned out! Now try squinting as you look at the bottom picture of Jody...........................................She looks like a mini me! HA HA.

  "Get in mah belly....Baby back, baby back, baby back ribs!

Just some primer and paint, and these guys will be good to go!!

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