When I lent my services to a collegue who was working on a film about 12 years ago, I was introduced to the world of cnc. I remember watching this huge machining centre milling out a slab of mdf and turning it into a fantastic set of gears. I knew that it would have taken me hours to achieve the same thing with traditional power tools. I decided then that I would invest in a cnc router for my own business Oxenham Design. At that time I could turn on a computer, but even to check email seemed like a crazy set of operations. I persevered and learned every piece of relevant software I could get my hands on. I am now fortunate enough to be using Vectric's ASPIRE software, and Techno cnc routers, which has helped us to create some amazing projects, both in part, or in full. I thought that this blog would be a great place to share "behind the scenes" adventures with the software, materials and equipment we use, as well as the projects we build.

Monday, 18 June 2012

It's a treasure chest........of beer?

All of the beer tap handles got shipped out today. Not gonna be sad that's gone. They were a bit more work than I thought!
It seems we've hit a strange brewery streak at the moment. Tomorrow we hit the next job pretty hard. 20 aluminum cruiser tables for a live event. Oh yeah, they're due Thursday. You heard me, Thursday.
This afternoon a red roadcase showed up at the shop. I helped unload it, and we got it inside. It was fairly big to say the least:

I knew what was inside of it, but sometimes, even though you know, it can be a surprise!
Holy Moly!

600 wide mouth beer cans!

They were all empty though.  We're going to cut shelves that will hold the cans, and mount the assembly to the centre  leg of each table. There will be four shelves per unit, and they'll have clear PETG 'tubes' to protect the cans from damage.
We have to head out first thing in the morning to get the table assemblies, as well as the other materials. Thankfully we have Aspire and Techno cnc in our corner, or I'd have turned down this job due to the timeline.


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  1. Kool! I can wait to see how they turn out.

    Blue Sails